Trending Now: Bun & Bangs

Lately I’ve been seeing the bun & bang hairstyle a lot! It’s been around for as long as I can remember, but I’ve noticed more people with the style after Kendall Jenner rocked it at the 2015 American Music Awards. I wasn’t a huge fan of the style prior to seeing Kendall with it because most bangs were way too thick, and sharp for my liking. I loved how Kendall’s was thin and whispy!

So when it was time for a new style (as you guys know, I change my hair a lot), I thought that Kendall’s bun & bang would be perfect. I was definitely terrified because I haven’t had full front bangs since junior high school, and also because I wasn’t sure if my stylist could execute the style the way I wanted. But, as usual, my hairstylist didn’t disappoint.

Here’s Kendall’s bun & bangs:


Here’s mine:


This hairstyle definitely makes me look different, but I love it. I hope you guys like this style as much as I do!


A New York Belle

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