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*cues Going Bad – Meek Mill ft Drake*

“You asked to see the boss so they sent me, dog” – Drake.

This lyric is the exact definition of how my 2019 has been so far!

It’s been an extremely long time since you’ve last heard from me, and LOTS have changed… I was working a corporate job in the fashion industry, which was amazing, but I lost my interest in blogging. I had no inspiration, and couldn’t seem to find time to fit it in. This amongst many other issues led me to make the huge decision to leave fashion only after a year. I started my career in education, and now I’m a Kindergarten teacher! It has been the best experience of my life thus far. I enjoy it so much more than I’ve ever imagined. In the short time that I’ve been in education, I’ve definitely gotten my groove back! I’ve been re-inspired to blog, and I even have lots of time to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE the fashion industry. Maybe someday I’ll go back…but right now I’m enjoying my scholars!

Now, to this look!

All over social media, girls are wearing neon everything! It’s a bit surprising because neons are usually popular in the summer (everyone’s normally all black everything during the winter). Nonetheless, this is a trend that I wasn’t going to miss out on! I may not be able to get lots of wear out of this outfit, but it’s definitely a statement and looks fabulous on my skin (and almost everyone I’ve seen it on).

Even if neon isn’t your norm, you should definitely give it a try. What’s fashion without risk?

Outfit details:

Matching set:  (sold out)


Bag: Zara


A New York Belle


Canada Meets Brooklyn


Ever heard of the Canadian Tux? Well, if you haven’t, it’s basically denim on denim. (Such a throwback right? Haha!)

Here’s my rendition of the Canadian Tux in my hometown, Brooklyn. I purchased both the skirt and jacket from FashionNova (links below).  This outfit can easily be taken from daytime to nighttime and doesn’t break the bank! I hope you love this outfit as much as I do!

Outfit Details:

Denim Jacket –

Denim Skirt –

Clear Heels –

Bag – Gucci (last season)


Apologies for the short content, this is another post about the images.


A New York Belle

How to Dress Down without Looking Like You’ve Given Up!





Ever wanted to dress down without feeling that you’ve completely given up? I have!

We always want to feel our prettiest even when we don’t feel like dressing up, wearing high heels, or a full face of makeup. So, here are 3 easy tips on how you can dress down and still be fabulous!

  • Opt for matching sets. As seen in the photos above, matching sets are super cute and don’t require much thought.
  • Don’t go overboard with the oversized items. If you wear an oversized shirt, pair it with leggings or skinny jeans with cute sneakers.
  • Add some spice by wearing heels. Wearing heels with joggers easily dresses up your outfit.

Outfit Details:

Two piece set –

(Sidenote: If you’re 5’6 or taller this set will stop a bit short)

Sneakers – Yeezys



A New York Belle




Say hello to the Queen of Egypt!

This year I’d decided to take part in the #halloweekend festivities and attended a costume party. I had no clue what to expect but it was definitely a great experience seeing the variation of costumes and characters out there!

Originally, I was going to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood, but this Cleo costume stood out way more. Plus, I saw a lot less Cleopatra’s than Red Riding Hood’s which made me feel a lot better!

(Sorry for the brief content but it’s more about the visuals)


Outfit Details:



A New York Belle

Button me up



Showing a little leg is always a good idea!

Especially with these side-buttoned/fastener pants that gives you the freedom of having as much or as little leg out as possible; which is necessary in this half summer/half fall weather we’re having in NYC.

These buttoned pants can take your slay from day-to-night, and have you looking extra fierce whether its dressed up or down; hence the reason I couldn’t resist when I saw them on the rapper Fabolous’ daughter, Lataina, whose style is impeccable!

I can’t wait to see what other ways I can dress these pants up (or down)!

Outfit Details:

Bustier Bodysuit – Forever21 (see similar)

Buttoned Pants –

Boots –


A New York Belle

Let’s Make Up!

One of the most underrated but key components of outfit building is make up.

The fashion and beauty industries are often kept separately. However, make up is the icing on the cake, and what’s cake without icing?

Now that we’re transitioning into fall, make up looks are going from light and natural to bold and deep… One of my favorite looks is a vampy lip and a smoky eye. Which is one of the reasons why fall is my favorite season.

IMG_0886 (1)FullSizeRender (11)

To create this look, I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, which is my go-to at the moment. You can create anything from a gorgeous nude look, to beautiful colored looks, to a sultry smoky eye. I used the Cyprus Umber as my crease color and Venetian Red on my lids, and just blended my life away!

FullSizeRender (14)

On the lips I used Bite’s “Nori” and the matching lip liner in # 42. Some similar liquid lipsticks that I LIVE for are (from the top) Smashbox’s “Girl Gang,” Stila’s “Ricco,” and Smashbox’s “Bawse.” These colors are amazing on darker skin nor do they show your lip pigment. For liquid lippies, they don’t dry out your lips. Stila’s lippies have vitamin E, which leave your lips hydrated all day.

Image-1 (2)

Hope you guys love these bold colors as much as I do.


A New York Belle


Lace Meets Denim

lace meets denim 6lace meets denim 7lace meets denim3lace meet denim 4lace meets denim 5lace meets denimlace meets denim2


Lace ups can cause chaos, but this denim shirt gives major off-duty vibes, which makes for a perfect daytime outfit. Sassy yet caj. So, if you’re looking for a statement brunch outfit, look no further!

You guys know that I live for lace ups… Lace up boots and heels, lace up bodysuits, and now lace up skirts and dresses. They really add a sense of flare to the most casual pieces, and that’s exactly what I look for.

Now, lets get into these boots… If you’re anything like me, you understand that shoes say a lot about a person and their style. These beauties allows you to make an entrance! Public Desire always bring it (snaps fingers) with the trendiest shoes. They offer a wide selection of shoes, different fits/cuts and endless colors to choose from!

Outfit Details:

Denim Shirt – Hollister (see similar)

Lace Up Skirt – Forever21

Booties –

Watch – Michele (see similar)

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Shot By:  Vaughn “Boogie” Browne



A New York Belle


Street Slay


These. Heels. Are. Everything!

Every girl has a pair of shoes that makes her go insane... She plans her entire outfit around them, and wears them every chance she gets. Well, guys… here’s mine!

For the past couple of years different styles of lace up boots have been trending, and I have a fair share of them. However, these are different because they aren’t boots. They are actually lace around your legs from the bottom, which can be a little annoying. BUT, beauty is worth the pain!

These beauties are from LuxNoire, and retails for an affordable $54.99. However, I was very unhappy with their service. I received these shoes one month after ordering, and got no response from the seller both times that I contacted them. So, do not order from LuxNoire if you’re in a rush. It’s definitely worth the wait, though.

These sultry sandals spruces up any outfit and they definitely SLAY!

Outfit Details:

Lace Up Heels –

High Waist Shorts –

Shirt (which is actually a dress I remodeled) – Meshki

Diamond Choker – Aldo

Shot By: Vaughn “Boogie” Browne –


A New York Belle


Bad & Bougie

NYBelleF&F (19 of 42).jpgNYBelleF&F (36 of 42).jpgNYBelleF&F (23 of 42).jpg

NYBelleF&F (42 of 42).jpgNYBelleF&F (15 of 42).jpg

In the city that never sleeps, there’s an unforgettable vibe that comes alive at night. It brings an unexplainable excitement and is full of endless possibilities. It’s when there are no titles, no labels, and no judgements. All personas and alter egos welcomed! The uptight doctor becomes the carefree woman with tattoos and piercings, the stuck-up business man  becomes a happy go lucky bar hopper, so on and so forth. These are all only possible in the concrete jungle that is New York City.

Daytime outfits tend to be more reserved, as we are all either students or business professionals. However, at night, rules cease to exist. Which is exactly what I did for this outfit. I paired this mesh bodysuit with a leather legging. The saying “Bad & Bougie” has become more popular than ever. So, the bodysuit and leggings were the “Bad” while the “Bougie” was the fur coat, heels and diamond choker I paired with it! This outfit is perfect for a clubbing, date night, or a night out with your favorite gals. You don’t always need a little black dress for a night on the town. You can always tone it down with a bralet or tank top underneath (which is what I normally do).

I hope you guys loved this outfit as much as I do!

Outfit Details:

Mesh Bodysuit –

Leather Leggings – Forever 21 (2014)

Rope Lace Heels – Missguided (see similar)

Faux Fur Coat – Abercrombie & Fitch

Diamond Choker – Aldo (see in store)


A New York Belle


No White After Labor Day?


Contrary to popular belief, wearing white after Labor Day is NOT some kind of fashion faux pas. I’m a firm believer in wearing whatever makes me feel happy and confident, and white is one of my FAV colors. So just because there’s some crazy myth that wearing white after Labor Day is a fashion don’t, doesn’t mean that I’ll stop wearing it!

As you know, I love everything nude. Although in a prior post I said that I’d be incorporating more colors, doesn’t mean that I’ll be giving up my go-to!

So, today I wore a white American Apparel bodysuit with a pair of white high rise Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. You might be wondering if I wasn’t freezing my butt off since it’s the middle of fall in NYC. However, we’ve been experiencing very odd weather with temperatures varying from January to June within a matter of days. So, today’s temperature was definitely on the milder side of the spectrum. But, to keep warm, I wore a chunky Forever 21 sweater. Chunky sweaters are must-haves for fall and winter months. You can spice them up anyway you’d like; with everything from leggings, jeans, skirts/shorts, or to even be worn as dresses!

I hope you guys loved this look as much as I do!

Outfit Details:

Bodysuit – American Apparel

High Rise Jeans – Abercrombie & Fitch 

Sweater – Forever 21 (past season)

Perspex Boots – Missguided  (similar)

Choker – Aldo


A New York Belle