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“You’ll find its the people closest to you who don’t support your vision.” – Kristian Ramirez

22 year old, Kristian Ramirez, dropped out of Brooklyn College, where he majored in Business Management, to pursue his dreams. Ramirez started AktivFit, an athletic wear line and mobile app which he calls “the Uber for personal trainers,” in May 2017. He always wanted to have a company that would help people with resources to stay in shape, and after months of research, AktivFit was born.

1. Tell me about the concept of AktivFit.

The idea of starting a mobile app that will be the Uber for personal trainers was something I was excited about. Customers will be able to book a personal trainer on demand in any city. I came up with the idea in the summer of 2016 and after months of research I was ready to begin the process of forming my own legal entity. After getting into the business model, I started to realize how expensive it is to create an app. That’s what made me decide to start the clothing line. I started with just the mindset of making money, but after I did my first launch I saw that I may have the opportunity to provide athletic wear to people who can’t afford high end fitness clothing.  I currently own two companies, one is a mobile app that is scheduled to release by spring 2018, and a fitness apparel line. I started these two companies obesity is a major problem in the US, and depression is a worldwide issue. These two are tied to the lack of fitness implemented into their lives. Many people don’t want to spend $120 an hour for a personal trainer. I’m looking to help provide lower costs and also provide the highest quality of professional personal training.

2. Do you do everything yourself or do you work with a team?

I am currently working on my own. I hire freelance graphic designers, or anyone I need on a daily basis. As I grow, I do look to have a loyal team who are just as dedicated as I am.

3. Did you always dream of starting your own line of active wear? If not, what did you dream of doing when you growing up?

Having my own line of active wear was not my passion, let alone something I even thought about. One of my biggest passions growing up was to be a baseball player. Sadly that didn’t happen, and now I found a passion in fitness and fashion.

4. Did you surpass any business goals that you had for AktivFit this year?

Looking back to when I first began, I was going to free mentorship programs that would help me build my business plan from every letter to every dollar figure. This took me into 2017; filing my company, my main goal was to make sure I found an affordable app developer. I ended up finding one within my 20k budget, which was a huge deal because I never thought I would’ve found one that fast. (My projected app costs are estimated at $100k-500k so this was a huge deal and definitely surpassed my goal.)

5. What are your goals for next year?

In addition to launching my app, I plan on finding investors, and expanding both companies. I am also looking into opening a gym, which I hope to at least begin that process in 2018.

6. Do you plan on expanding your line? Or are you content with where it is now?

So currently I have shirts available on my website, but I am never content. My first goal in 2018 for my fitness line is to expand into woman’s clothing.

7. What has been the hardest thing about having AktivFit? Would you do anything differently?

To be honest for me it’s finding support and staying motivated to be consistent. You will always have people who doubt you, and say that you shouldn’t do things in a certain way. You’ll find its the people closest to you who don’t support your vision. That’s what would lead to being not motivated to where you aren’t consistent in putting in the hard work. I always have to remind myself, it’s my vision and it’s my dream, and I am the only one who can make that come true.  There are days where I get no sales, but put so much money into advertising. It’s all about timing and making sure you never quit. There have been more lows than highs so far, but that’s how I learn and grow, and as I continue to learn, my adaption for this business will only become stronger.


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