Trending Now: Perspex Heel Boots


Have you guys noticed the “clear” or “translucent” heel being added to some of your favorite shoes? This trend is called the Perspex heel and they are making a splash in the shoe industry! Gone are the days of boring heels and heels being worn only in the winter! These shoes are made for the riskier ladies and can be worn year round. They come in a wide array of styles from thigh high boots, gladiator heels, sandals, and booties like the ones pictured (which happens to be my favorite). Perspex boots come in various colors like clear, nude, blush, blue, grey, and black. AND, They can be styled with almost everything!

Where to find them? has the widest selection of boots with the perspex heel. However, they can also be found at and ASOS.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how I style my Perspex boots!


A New York Belle

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